We offer a number of services to many different types of organisation. Our main services are listed below, and explained in more detail, but we would be happy to discuss other types of work with your organisation.

Business Reviews

  • Do you require an objective look at your business?
  • Is your business future proofed?
  • Is your business vulnerable?
  • Are there areas of your business where controls require to be refined and improved or new ones introduced?
  • Is your business growing and the managers reaching capacity?
  • Are you a business with areas requiring review but don't have the in house capacity/capabilities or simply time to carry it out?
  • Do you require to prepare an outline or detailed business case?
  • Do you wish for a third party objective review of a Business Case that you are preparing before putting it before funders for a decision?

We can help as we have carried out a wide range of reviews for our clients as well as in previous roles we have had. These include:

  • Organisational reviews which resulted in the revision of the management and staffing structures of the organisation as a whole or a department.
  • Review to assist with the 'future-proofing' of an organisation
  • Business cases to introduce changes within an organisation
  • Outline business cases for major Public Private Partnership initiatives on subjects as diverse as ICT and Waste Management
  • Detailed in-depth reviews of how a particular service is delivered including recommendations for improvements.

Investigative Accounting

  • Do you need to prepare a financial recovery plan?
  • Have you taken over a financial mess?
  • Do you have trouble seeing the financial wood from the trees?
  • Are your financial controls providing the correct level of assurance?
  • Do you have sufficient financial information to allow you to control your business?

We have extensive experience and can assist with a wide range of projects. Work previously undertaken includes:

  • Acted as Interim Financial Controller to stabilise a company's finances prior to a new appointment being made;
  • Acted as Interim Manager whilst buying time to investigate mismanagement and running a tender for new management team to come on board;
  • Analysing an individual's financial history to create a defence against re-possession of their home (subsequent Court Case had a successful outcome)
  • Developing a financial recovery plan and ongoing strategy for the future
  • Developing and introducing a tailor made budget framework leading to ongoing monitoring of income and expenditure


Eforensics has been established since 1997

With years of experience, we are a name you can trust.

Interim Management Solutions

  • Do you have a vacancy for a senior appointment that needs to be filled to maintain progress before a new appointment is in place?
  • Is a review being carried out and you need time before advertising and making an appointment?
  • Do you wish to create some space to carefully consider how you will fill a key vacancy?

Training / Coaching / Lecturing

  • Are you a University requiring a lecturer in finance or business planning who can communicate these issues in an innovative and stimulating manner?
  • Do you require in house training on Governance, Finance or Strategy?
  • Does your management team need training/coaching on Finance for Non-Finance Managers?
  • Are you a director or senior manager and require someone outside the business to bounce ideas against on a one to one?
  • Do you have a member of staff who requires support and coaching?

As experienced managers we are able to provide interim solutions for your organisation. Some of the roles we have undertaken include:

  • Interim general manager of a civic trust during a time of restructuring and consolidation.
  • Interim finance manager of a council owned theatre trust with a multi-million pounds turnover;
  • Interim head of property services for a housing association.

We are able to provide one off or a series of lectures/training sessions on the following:

  • Business planning for public sector organisations
  • Financial self defence training
  • Financial literacy training
  • Performance management
  • Performance Mentoring

Recognised Teacher at Stirling and Strathclyde Universities and the Greenwich School of Management (London)

Steve Renwick is an Recognised Teacher at the University of Stirling where he has delivered a number of courses. Steve also writes and presents a number of modules for degrees such as the MSc in Social Work Management and the Post Graduate Certificate in Management for Tertiary Education.
Steve teaches Finance to an MSc Human Resources Management course at Strathclyde University and has also taught at Napier University.

Business Support

  • Are the salaries / remuneration packages you provide competitive? Have you benchmarked evidence to prove it?
  • Do your job descriptions / role definitions require to be updating?
  • Short of staff - do you require additional support for a short period?
  • Do you require help to solve problems yourselves?

Change Management

  • Can your business be more cost effective?
  • Does your organisation require to change to be fit for the future?
  • How can I introduce the changes I need to make to my organisation/department?

We are able to assist having prepared suits of job descriptions for a number of different businesses in a style to suit the organisation. We have also provided reports comparing salaries and remuneration packages with other organisations.

We are able to provide temporary staff in a way to suit our clients.

We have facilitated brainstorming sessions for some of our clients and can do the same for you.

Change within any business can be complex usually with a series of interrelated change events happening at the same time while the business goals still have to be delivered. We have experience with implementing change and can help by taking an objective and practical approach to steer the changes to ensure a successful conclusion.