Since its inception, the Company has worked with a wide range of clients some of whom are listed below. We are pleased that we have an ongoing relationship with a good number of these:
  • It’s been great working with you – you’ve been a breath of fresh air at Myeloma UK!

  • Eforensics Edinburgh project managementYou have managed to both enlighten me and scare the life out of me at the same time.  That’s governance I guess.  

  • Enthusiasm of delivery and positive response to questions and contributions. Very confidence building and made the course enjoyable.

    MSc 2015
  • The way of teaching, the really good willing of the professor and the aid he offers. He is brilliant!! Strathclyde University MSc 2015

    MSc 2015
  • The professor (finance) is very interactive, helpful, friendly, easy to communicate.  The content in the class is also very helpful to have an understanding of the finance of a company

    MSc 2015
  • Absolutely first class seminar - Steve Renwick was a very engaging and highly knowledgeable speaker and I am now much more aware of this area of governance. Superb.

    Audit Committee for
  • An excellent trainer who knew his subject extremely well and presented even the most complicated issues in a simple and lucid manner.

    Audit Committee for CIPFA 2012
  • Fantastic trainer - he made a dull subject very interesting and easy to understand to a novice like myself.

    Audit Committee for CIPFA 2012
  • NREN LTD IT Consulting

    From accounting and management advice, to the daily running of a small business. We don't know where we would be without Steve.

  • eforesics has worked with
  • eforensics has worked with aberdeen council
  • eforensics has worked with midlothian council
  • Eforensics has worked with Scottish Borders Council
  • Eforensics has worked with East Lothian council
  • eforensics has worked with Fife council
  • eforensics has worked with Shetland Islands COuncil
  • eforensics has worked with Renfrewshire Council
  • eforensics has worked with Dundee city council
  • eforensics has worked with North Lanarkshire council
  • eforensics has worked with Perth and Kinross council
  • eforensics has worked with Convention on Local Authorities (CoSLA)
  • eforensics has worked with Northamptonshire County Council
  • eforensics has worked with Scotwest Credit Union Ltd
  • eforensics has worked with Capital Credit Union
  • eforensics has worked with NHS Orkney
  • eforensics has worked with APSE
  • efoernsics has worked with the university of stirling
  • eforensics has worked with Napier University
  • eforensics has lectured at the university of strathclyde
  • eforensics has worked with dovetail enterprises limited
  • eforensics has worked with Trust Housing Association Ltd
  • eforensics has worked with BlindCraft Edinburgh
  • eforensics is also pleased to be associated with the Scottish Executive's Joint Improvement Team (JIT) which exists to facilitate improvement in joint working arrangements between the NHS and Local Authority Social Work/Care departments. As part of the JIT Action Team, the Company has been heavily involved in Business Case preparation to facilitate a strategic change in care delivery here in Scotland.
  • NREN Ltd Site design and IT Support Edinburgh